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I'm unable to login with my email address.


Make sure that the email address you are using is the same email address that is used for the Nurture Payment Portal.

Make sure that your email address is using all lower-case characters. The login field is case sensitive for security. For example:


I am able to login, but cannot see any data.

Need more assistance?

Directly contact Nurture support and have a team member assist you with your question or issue

Contact Support Team

Step 1: If you are logged in, go to the menu and logout.

Step 2: Force quit the Nurture Parent App on your phone.

Step 3: Relaunch the app.

Step 4: Login with the same credentials as the Nurture Payment Portal. Remember, the login field is case sensitive. Please use all lower-case characters.

If your issues continues, please contact support.

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